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Underwater Acoustic Sensors

iBULe has been actively involved in the various research projects in defense and industrial applications such as SONAR transducers, NDT(Non-destructive Testing) probes, actuator, IR sensor, energy harvesting devices, accelerometer, and so on.

Advantages of single crystals to PZT ceramics for applications

NUWC, Office of Naval Research(ONR) Lynn M. Ewart, et, al The International Symposium on Piezocrystals and their Applications July 22, 2015

  • 01

    Increase in bandwidth and range (50% higher coupling constants over PZT)

  • 02

    Less electric input power (650% higher piezoconstants over PZT)

  • 03

    Reduction in overall transducer size (78% lower elastic modulus over PZT)

  • 04

    Strong anisotropy (piezo properties optimization by domain engineering)