비파괴센서 Non-Destructive Sensor

Non-Destructive Sensor

SiBULe has been actively involved in the various research projects in defense and industrial applications such as SONAR transducers, NDT(Non-destructive Testing) probes, actuator, IR sensor, energy harvesting devices, accelerometer, and so on.

Advantages of single crystals to PZT ceramics for applications

- Increase in bandwidth and range (50% higher coupling constants over PZT)

- Less electric input power (650% higher piezoconstants over PZT)

- Reduction in overall transducer size (78% lower elastic modulus over PZT)

- Strong anisotropy (piezo properties optimization by domain engineering)

“ NUWC, Office of Naval Research(ONR) Lynn M. Ewart, et, al The International Symposium on Piezocrystals and their Applications July 22, 2015”